GE1Db - First German edition of Waltz No 1

Publisher: Breitkopf & Härtel
Date: XI 1847 [VIII 1849]
Plate number: 7715
Title: Valse
Dedication: None

First, separate German edition of the Waltz in D major, based on a proof copy of FE without later corrections introduced by Chopin. Dating of the publication – see the characterization of the separate edition of the Waltz in A major, No. 3 (GE1Ab).

Both versions of GE1 differ in a few details, e.g.:

  • no mordent in bar 12 in GE1Db,
  • repeated sixth instead of rest on the 3rd beat of bar 36 (1a volta) in GE1op,
  • tie sustaining a1 in bars 36-37 (probably erroneous) in GE1op,
  • erroneous e1 instead of g1 in the last chord in bar 82 in GE1Db,
  • no cautionary flats in the L.H. in bars 109 and 111 in GE1Db,
  • no dynamic hairpin in bars 114-116 in GE1op.

There are copies of GE1Db with different covers. The copy presented in mUltimate Chopin comes from a later impression dating back to ca. 1852.

Original in: Biblioteka Narodowa, Warsaw
Shelf-mark: Mus.III.145.324