FED - Dubois copy

Publisher: Brandus et Cie.
Date: X 1847-1848
Plate number: B et Cie. 4743 (1)
Title: Valse
Dedication: Madame la Comtesse Delphine Potocka

A pupil's copy from a collection belonging to Chopin's pupil – Camille O'Méara-Dubois. FED includes numerous annotations performed in pencil, the majority of which – detailed fingering of the part of the L.H. in the first section of the Waltz and fingering of the R.H. in the reprise (from bar 73 on) – does not correspond to Chopin fingering known from other pieces from this collection both in terms of font and frequency. The remaining, written most probably with the pupil's hand (owner of the collection), may be, however, considered to be highly likely coming from the composer. They include:

  • a variant of beginning the Waltz with a four-bar trill;
  • fingering of the part of the R.H. in bars 1-3, 9-12, 17-18, 21, 24-25, 27, 29, 34-35;
  • all'octava (?) in bars 120-121;
  • synchronisation sign of the three-bar roulade in the R.H. with the part of the L.H. in bar 123.

In the main text, we include the fingering of the R.H. in the first section of the Waltz. We also suggest a possibility of using an alternative beginning of the piece.

Original in: Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris
Shelf-mark: Rés. F. 980 (III.7) (2)