FE1 - First French edition

Publisher: Brandus et Cie.
Date: XI 1847
Plate number: B et Cie. 4743 (1)
Title: 3 Valses | No. 1. || Valse
Dedication: Madame la Comtesse Delphine Potocka

First French edition, based on A. Chopin probably proofread it twice, which is indicated by comparison with GE1, in which some, yet not all, corrections introduced in FE1 were taken into consideration. Among the changes included in GE1 one can mention:

  • change of the part of the L.H. in bar 20,
  • deletion of the  from before the last quaver in bar 34 and 106,
  • naturals raising g1 to g1 added in bars 73-79,
  •  raising g2 to g2 added in bar 95.

Interventions coming undoubtedly from Chopin, which are present among the corrections of the last phase, not included in GE:

  • removal of c1 from the chords on the 2nd and 3rd beat of bar 41,
  • change of c to C in bar 50,
  • change of the part of the L.H. in bar 92.

In FE1 a number of inaccuracies of A was repeated, e.g., in the notation of accidentals. Moreover, a few new mistakes were committed, e.g.:

  • dynamic indications were overlooked, e.g.,  in bar 53 or  in bar 77,
  • the slur in bars 61-63 was overlooked,
  • the  sign in bar 91 was overlooked.

Certain changes introduced in FE1 may prove an intervention of the reviser, e.g., addition of the  sign at the end of the piece. According to us, a result of the reviser's actions is also the majority of the added accidentals.

Original in: Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris
Shelf-mark: Ac. p. 2720 (1)