FES - Stirling copy

Publisher: Brandus et Cie.
Date: XII 1847-1848
Plate number: B et Cie. 4743 (1)
Title: Valse
Dedication: Madame la Comtesse Delphine Potocka

A pupil's copy of FE1 from a collection belonging to Chopin's pupil – Jane Stirling. It contains a dedication pencilled by Chopin on the title page: à Mademoiselle JW Stirling | 8 Decembre 1847 Chopin [to Miss JW Stirling | 8 December 1847 Chopin].  FES contains a slur and the g2 note in bar 93 added in pencil – probably by the composer (a possible variant). Moreover, in bars 54-55 and 120-121 one can see fingering written in quill by the owner of the collection, most probably on the basis of Chopin's entries (instructions).

Original in: Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris
Shelf-mark: Rés. Vma 241 (VII,64,I)