A - Autograph

Date: VIII-IX 1847
Title: [Valse] || Nro 1

A Stichvorlage autograph, with clear signs, probably written in pencil, with which the engraver of FE marked the planned layout of the text into great staves and pages. A is quite densly written, with visible corrections in the form of deletions (ca. 20). Among the ones that are legible on the available photocopies, the most important include:

  • corrections of the 2nd and 3rd crotchet in bars 11-12 and the bass note in bar 12 – perhaps a replacement of a version as the one in bars 9-10;
  • deletion of an indication (agogic?) over bar 37; probably replacing it with sostenuto, written below;
  • change of the melody's rhythm in bars 43-44;
  • corrections of accompaniment in bars 62-66.

Chopin introduced further minor improvements, while proofreading FE.

A is not free from mistakes, mainly imprecision in the notation of accidentals, as, e.g., no naturals raising g1 to g1 in bars 73-79.

In the notation of the Waltz Chopin uses an abbreviated notation in which the repeating fragments are written as numerated or provided with letters empty bars. This is how bars 85-92, 97-107 and 113-119 are written.

In mUltimate Chopin we display digitalised, black-and-white photographs of A from Prof. Jan Ekier's legacy.

Original in: Private collection, Basel