EEW1 - First English edition

Publisher: Wessel & Co.
Date: IX 1848
Title: Valse

We consider the edition performed by the Wessel & Co. company, which had been cooperating with Chopin for several years and published almost all his works in England, to be the main representative of English editions. Due to this reason, in spite of the fact that EEC is earlier, we proclaim EEW1 as the first English edition.

The edition generally reproduces the text of FE1. The exceptions are of confusion character, e.g., no dynamic hairpin in bars 51-52 or revisions, e.g., addition of cautionary signs, e.g., before g2 in bar 8, 16 and 80, e1 in bar 21, a2 in bar 29.

The most significant change is an arbitrary addition of a  raising d1 to d1 in bar 48.

Chopin did not participate in the development of EEW1.

Original in: British Library, London
Shelf-mark: h.472.(37.)