GE1op - First German edition of Op. 64

Publisher: Breitkopf & Härtel
Date: XI 1847
Plate number: 7721
Title: Valse
Dedication: None

Edition based on a proof copy of FE1 without later corrections introduced by Chopin (cf. FE1). It bears traces of editorial revision, the most significant of which is the  raising g2 to g2, added before the 2nd crotchet in the R.H. in bar 51.

In GE1op one can see a number of defects, however, a part of them – particularly oversights of certain signs – may simply reproduce the state of the proof copy of FE, serving as its base text. In particular, it concerns the cases in which GE1op is compatible with the parallelly prepared #GE1D, e.g.:

  • no mordent in bar 20,
  • erroneous  in bar 76,
  • missing accent and  in bars 108 and 109.

Examples of other mistakes of GE1op may be found in the characterization of #GE1D, among differences between both versions of GE1.

The additions visible in the presented copy, in pencil, which concern mainly the fingering, are of no source value.

Original in: The Fryderyk Chopin Institute Library, Warsaw
Shelf-mark: 4266/n