Issues : Terzverschreibung error

b. 32-33

composition: Op. 25 No 1, Etude in A♭ major

f1-g1-f1-f1 in AI

e1-e1-e1-d1 in A (→CDP,GE), FE & EE


In the original version, written in AI, the bottom notes of the figuration in the R.H. doubled the melodic line – (e1)-f1-g1-f1-f1. In A, Chopin deleted four of them, writing the version which was eventually included in all editions. He performed a respective change – from c1 to f1 – also on the 3rd semiquaver from the end in the L.H. (f1 in the L.H. at the beginning of bar 33 is already written correctly). Cf. notes to bar 28 and 33-34.

In GE1 (→GE2), the 4th semiquaver in bar 33 is an f1 instead of d1. This patent error in this context was corrected in GE3 (→#GE4). 

category imprint: Interpretations within context; Differences between sources; Corrections & alterations

issues: Errors in GE , Terzverschreibung error , GE revisions , Deletions in A , Accompaniment changes

b. 35

composition: Op. 25 No 1, Etude in A♭ major

g1 in AI, A (→CDP,GE), FE2 & EE

b1 in FE


The version of FE1 is certainly a mistake, corrected in FE2. Although in A one can see the identical correction – a deleted b1 and added g1 – yet a more profound analysis of the notation reveals that it is only the most visible part of a greater proofreading, including the last 5 semiquavers in the R.H., as Chopin wrote here the figure appearing at the end of bars 37 and 39 by mistake.

category imprint: Differences between sources

issues: Errors in FE , Terzverschreibung error , Errors of A , Deletions in A , FE revisions