Issues : Accompaniment changes

b. 294-295

composition: Op. 11, Concerto in E minor, Mvt III

e1 tied in FE (→EE), contextual interpretation

e1 repeated in GE


In the main text, we correct the minor inaccuracy of the notation of the rhythm in FE (→EE). The missing dot prolonging the e1 quaver in bar 294 could have also contributed to the omission of the tie of that note in GE, although, according to us, it is more likely that the tie was added by Chopin in the last stage of proofreading of FE. The crossing-out of the e1 quaver at the beginning of bar 295 visible in FEH emphasises that the note should not be played again in this place. 

category imprint: Interpretations within context; Differences between sources; Editorial revisions; Corrections & alterations; Source & stylistic information

issues: Annotations in teaching copies , Inaccuracies in FE , Rhythmic errors , Accompaniment changes , Authentic corrections of FE , Annotations in FEH