Main text
FE - French edition
FE0 -
FE1 - First French edition
FED - Dubois copy
FEJ - Jędrzejewicz copy
GE - German edition
FEG - Chopin's Stichvorlage for GE
GE1 - First German edition
GE2 - Second German edition
GE3 - Corrected impression of GE2
EE - English edition
EE1 - First English edition
  b. 1-8

No ties in FE0 (→FE,EE,GE1)

Ties in GE2 (→GE3)

GE2 (→GE3) arbitrarily added ties to the eminims. This kind of spelling conveys more distinctly the idea of a continuous 8-bar long trill four-bar long trill Chopin certainly had in mind. However, in the main text we retain the unequivocal notation of the sources. Both notations mean the same, as indicated by the different authentic spellings of the 4-bar long trill in the Waltz in D Op. 64, No 1.

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