Main text
CLI - Copy by Linowski
FE - French edition
FE1 - First French edition
FE2 - Corrected impression of FE1
FED - Dubois copy
FEJ - Jędrzejewicz copy
FES - Stirling copy
GE - German edition
GE1 - First German edition
GE1a - Corrected impression of GE1
GE2 - Second German edition
GE3 - Third German edition
GE4 - Fourth German edition
GE5 - Fifth German edition
EE - English edition
EE2 - First English edition
EE3 - Corrected impression of EE2
EE4 - Revised impression of EE3
  b. 1-2

No annotations in CLIFE (→GE,EE

Slur in FES

The line, added with panache in FES, may be interpreted as a slur underlining the legato articulation or phrasing.

Compare the passage in the sources »

category imprint: Graphic ambiguousness; Differences between sources

issues: Annotations in teaching copies, Annotations in FES

notation: Slurs

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