Issues : Uncertain notes on ledger lines

b. 34

composition: Op. 28 No. 1, Prelude in C major

in A (literal reading→FEEE

No E in A (contextual interpretation→FCGE)


The E note in the last bar of the Prelude must be a mistake. It stems from an inaccurate notation of A, in which the intersection point between the stem of the L.H. chord and the 1st ledger line looks like a note. In addition, three bottom ties concerning the passage in b. 33 are written at the pitches of C, E and G, which is a mistake confirmed by the presence of E in b. 34. In the main text we give the version of FC (→GE), undoubtedly intended by Chopin and correctly unravelled by Fontana.

category imprint: Graphic ambiguousness; Differences between sources; Source & stylistic information

issues: Errors in FE , Uncertain notes on ledger lines , Inaccuracies in A