Issues : Uncertain notes on ledger lines

b. 485

composition: Op. 21, Concerto in F minor, Mvt III

c4 & c3 in A (literal reading→GE)

Thirds in A (contextual interpretation) & FE (→EE)


The absence of aand aon the 1st and 4th quavers in the bar in GE must be attributed to an extremely inaccurate notation of A in this respect; according to us, Chopin did write these notes in that place, yet, being in haste, he did not check whether they are visible in the place where the stems overlap with ledger lines. The fact that both notes were added in the proofreading of FE (→EE) dissipates all doubts regarding the composer's intention. 

category imprint: Graphic ambiguousness; Differences between sources

issues: Authentic corrections of FE , Uncertain notes on ledger lines , Inaccuracies in A