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GC - Gutmann's Copy
FE - French edition
FE1 - First French edition
FE2 - Second impression of FE
FE3 - Third impression of FE
FE4 - Fourth impression of FE
FESch - Scherbatoff Copy
FES - Stirling copy
FED - Dubois copy
GE - German edition
GE1 - First German edition
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EE - English edition
EE1 - First English edition
EE2 - Revised impression of EE
  b. 140

No c1 in GC & FE (→EE1)

c1 in GE & EE2

The absence of the c1 note is most probably a result of the unclear notation of [A]. It is indicated by the comparison with analogous bars 138, 178 and 180. The note was added – most probably on the basis of such a comparison – in GE, which was then repeated in EE2

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category imprint: Interpretations within context; Differences between sources

issues: EE revisions, Errors in FE, GE revisions, Uncertain notes on ledger lines, Errors of GC

notation: Pitch

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