Issues : Terzverschreibung error

b. 108

composition: Op. 25 No 10, Etude in B minor

f1 in GC & GE1 (contextual interpretation), EE & GE2 (→GE3)

a1 in FE


FE has an aas the 3rd crotchet of the middle voice in the R.H. It is almost certainly the so-called Terzverschreibung error.
In GC (→GE1) the correct note is an f1. This patent error was corrected in GE2 (→GE3), EE also includes the correct version.

category imprint: Differences between sources

issues: Errors in FE , Omissions to cancel alteration , Errors in GE , Terzverschreibung error , GE revisions , Errors of GC