Issues : Terzverschreibung error

b. 52-53

composition: Op. 25 No 7, Etude in C♯ minor

No grace note in GC (→GE), FE & EE

Grace note in FES


In FES, in the middle part of the chromatic run, there is a zigzag, which may indicate a deletion of a part or entire run, while at the beginning of bar 53 there is an added grace note (same as in bar 1). One can suppose that it is about a kind of simplification of the virtuoso passage (same as in bars 22 and 24), yet in this case the text, with which it is supposed to be replaced, was not written, nor marked in a legible way. Perhaps Chopin meant to repeat the relevant fragment in bar 8, then the grace note in bar 53 would have certainly been written with a mistake (e instead of c). In face of such an unclear situation, we give the printed text as the version of FES, completed with the literally interpreted grace note. In the main text, we do not consider these entries in any form.

category imprint: Differences between sources

issues: Annotations in teaching copies , Terzverschreibung error , Annotations in FES