Issues : Annotations in FED

b. 52

composition: Op. 26 No 1, Polonaise in C♯ minor

No tie in FE (→GE1,EE1)

Tie in GE2 (→GE3GE4GE5), EE2 & written into FED


A does not include a tie combining both a1 at the beginning of this bar. Chopin completed this defect in FED and in analogous bar 84 in the proofreading of FE1. The fact of leaving this bar without correction is to be considered Chopin's oversight. A tie was added also by the revisers of GE2 (→GE3GE4GE5) & EE2, most probably while comparing two bars.

category imprint: Differences between sources; Corrections & alterations

issues: Annotations in teaching copies , EE revisions , Annotations in FED , Omitted correction of an analogous place