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Main text
A - Autograph
FE - French edition
FE1 - First French edition
FE2 - Corrected impression of FE1
FED - Dubois copy
FEJ - Jędrzejewicz copy
FES - Stirling copy
GE - German edition
GE1 - First German edition
GE2 - Second German Edition
GE3 - Third German edition
GE4 - Revised impression of GE3
GE5 - Corrected reprint of GE4
EE - English edition
EE1 - First English edition
EE2 - Revised impression of EE1
  b. 45



In A the c3 quaver at the beginning of the bar is written also as the 1st note of the semiquaver triplet of the bottom voice. In the proofreading of FE1 Chopin replaced it with a rest. The traces of performed changes in print allow to state that the actual proofreading included also a2, which the engraver of FE saw in A (according to us, unjustifiably).

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category imprint: Differences between sources; Corrections & alterations

issues: Authentic corrections of FE, Uncertain notes on ledger lines

notation: Pitch

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