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FE - French edition
FE0 -
FE1 - First French edition
FED - Dubois copy
FEJ - Jędrzejewicz copy
GE - German edition
FEG - Chopin's Stichvorlage for GE
GE1 - First German edition
GE2 - Second German edition
GE3 - Corrected impression of GE2
EE - English edition
EE1 - First English edition
  b. 48

Third in FE1, GE & EE

e1 in FE0

Lack of the c1 note on the 2nd beat of the bar is probably a consequence of difficulties in the interpretation of the autograph. In Chopin notation, the notes on ledger lines, devoid of a separate stem, are sometimes barely visible and determining their possible presence tends to be very difficult. Chopin added this note in FEG (→GE) and in the base texts to FE and EE. Respective notes are absent in FE0 also in analogous bars 80112 and 172 (yet they are in bar 268). In FEG (→GE) Chopin added them also in these bars; most probably he did it also in the base text to EE, yet not in FE1.

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