Issues : Uncertain notes on ledger lines

b. 127-129

composition: Op. 30 No. 4, Mazurka in C# minor

c1 only in chord in b. 128 in FC

4 notes c1 in chords in FE (→EE) & GE2

No c1 in chords in GE1


The three-note chords present in FE (→EE) are much more likely here, since they prepare and open the chordal sequence in bars 129-132. The FC version almost certainly resulted from the copyist's carelessness, who did not take care of the visibility of the notes written on the ledger line. This is indicated by the notation of the first two chords in bar 129, in which it is also the e1 notes that are practically imperceptible, although their presence is unquestionable. In GE1 it was also c1 in bar 128 that was overlooked, in spite of the presence of this note having been marked in FC. The notes overlooked in GE1 were added in GE2, perhaps on the basis of a comparison with FE.

category imprint: Differences between sources

issues: GE revisions , Uncertain notes on ledger lines , Errors of FC