Issues : Partial corrections

b. 10

composition: Op. 11, Concerto in E minor, Mvt III

No marking in FE (→EE) & GE3

in GE1 (→GE2)


The additional  in GE1 (→GE2) must be a mistake – the engraver of GE1 saw ​​​​​​​ in FE in the antepenultimate bar in the line and placed that indication in a similar manner in his edition; however, he forgot that the first line in GE1 has one bar less. After discovering the mistake, the mark was added in the right place (in bar 9), yet the erroneous one (in bar 10) was not removed either due to inadvertence or its innocuous nature.

category imprint: Differences between sources

issues: Errors in GE , GE revisions , Partial corrections

b. 179-181

composition: Op. 11, Concerto in E minor, Mvt III

Double slurs in FE (→GE,EE)

Upper slur suggested by the editors


According to us, double slurs in this place were not intended by Chopin; they are a side effect of proofreading aimed at replacing the short slurs with one long slur like in bars 171-173. The engraver added a new slur, yet he did not remove the old ones, which Chopin either did not notice or accepted, since it does not impede the interpretation of phrasing. Due to this reason, in the main text we give only the upper, longer slur.

category imprint: Interpretations within context; Editorial revisions

issues: Authentic corrections of FE , Partial corrections