Issues : Errors resulting from corrections

b. 72-73

composition: Op. 11, Concerto in E minor, Mvt II

Minims in FE (→GE,EE)

Dotted minims suggested by the editors


The absence of the dots increasing the duration of the bass notes most probably results from an inaccurately implemented proofreading of FE, for in this edition, there are visible traces of correcting in print the first notes in the bar from the following notation:  (with dots increasing the duration of notes). The unintentional character of the omission of the dots is proved by bar 75 in which a strictly analogous figure was printed already in the final layout and with a dotted minim. 

category imprint: Interpretations within context; Source & stylistic information

issues: Inaccuracies in FE , Errors resulting from corrections , Authentic corrections of FE