Issues : Terzverschreibung error

b. 37-38

composition: Op. 25 No 9, Etude in G♭ major

G1d in GC & GE2

d-b, G in FE

G1, d in GE1

G1, d in GE3

B1, d in EE1

d-b, G in EE2

G1, d in EE3


In GC, the version beginning from G1 was written by Chopin instead of the original version of FE, beginning from the sixth. This undeniable improvement was also introduced in the base text to EE1, in which, however, it was reproduced inaccurately – both B1 at the beginning of the bar and the lack of tie sustaining d are most probably mistakes. In turn, EE1 includes a dot extending the des crotchet, overlooked in GC. This inaccuracy of the notation of GC was corrected only in GE3, which, thanks to this, is the only source in which the final version is written flawlessly.
The versions of EE2 and EE3 are a result of subsequent revisions – in EE2 it was the version of FE (only in the 1st half of bar 37) that was introduced, whereas in EE3 it was the final version that was reintroduced, yet in an inaccurately written form drawn from GE1.

category imprint: Differences between sources; Corrections & alterations

issues: EE revisions , Inaccuracies in GE , Errors in EE , Terzverschreibung error , GE revisions , Accompaniment changes , Authentic corrections in GC