Issues : Accompaniment changes

b. 7

composition: Op. 26 No 1, Polonaise in C♯ minor

Quaver in A

Crotchet in FE (→GE1,EE), 1st instance only

Crotchet in GE2 (→GE3GE4GE5)


Chopin added a crotchet stem in the L.H. to the g quaver in the proofreading of FE1. The absence of this correction in the analogous bar in the written repetition in the editions most probably results from Chopin's oversight. We directly include this minor improvement in the main text, which corresponds to both analogous bars in the first editions. An addition was respectively performed in the bar being a repetition of bar 7 also in GE2 (→GE3GE4GE5).

category imprint: Differences between sources; Corrections & alterations

issues: Errors in FE , Errors in EE , Errors in GE , GE revisions , Accompaniment changes , Authentic corrections of FE , Omitted correction of an analogous place