Issues : Scope of dynamic hairpins

b. 6

composition: Op. 26 No 1, Polonaise in C♯ minor

 in A (→FEGE1, first time)

 in FE (→GE1), first time & in GE2 (→GE3GE4GE5)

 in EE


The sources differ in the range of  hairpins. Taking into account various possibilities of interpretation of the not too carefully written signs in A (also in analogous bar 31) and a possibility of Chopin proofreading of FE (at the reappearance of this bar in the written repetition of bars 1-12), all three variants of the range of this sign can be considered to be potentially corresponding to Chopin's intention. In the main text we give the most possible interpretation of the hairpins of A.

category imprint: Graphic ambiguousness; Interpretations within context; Differences between sources

issues: EE revisions , Inaccuracies in GE , Inaccuracies in FE , Scope of dynamic hairpins , GE revisions , Inaccuracies in A