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composition: Op. 42, Waltz in A♭ major


Cover title in FE

Title in EE


In the main text we give the title in the wording adopted in the headings of FE and GE. There are no doubts that such additions to the title as "grande" in FE and EE or "nouvelle" on the title page of FE were introduced for marketing purposes and on the initiative of the editors (sometimes perhaps also upon Chopin's consent). The Waltz published in Pacini's publishing house (FE) appeared as a part of a bigger album, "Cent-Et-Un" and was given a subsequent number – 68. As a result of this, the numbering of pages is continued: it starts with page 408 and ends with page 415. The title of Pacini's album was also used by the English editor, Wessel, undoubtedly for the purpose of advertising and trading, adding to the Waltz in EE the indication "Cent-et-Un." 

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